About Us

Her-Mileun LLC (her-mil-e-yuh n) is bold, fashion forward, and a unique online boutique. Celebrity inspired fashionable jewelry, accessories and handbags for women of all ages. 

Established in 2015, Her-Mileun endorses the beauty and supreme uniqueness within every woman. We offer affordable, quality, trendy and stylish fashion jewelry that will uplift your fashion sense “From Day to Night”.  

“Her” represents the true essence that women embody (beauty, strength, independence, and power).

 “Mileun” represents the distinctive ability that is instilled in every woman to adapt and transform various styles in any environment and for any occasion.

 Our vision and inspiration is to showcase our uniqueness to beauty with focus on fashion, allowing each item to be its own conversation statement piece.

​We invite you to shop with us and refer a friend!

​Thank you!